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Becoming a Registered Nurse

Registered Nurses are highly sought after within Australia and worldwide and can pursue a wide range of career opportunities.  The introduction of new technology and research in recent years has made Registered Nursing one of the most exciting and challenging areas of nursing.

Nurses care for people when they are most in need, working in teams of skilled professionals, supporting one another with their specialty areas of knowledge. Nurses represent the needs of the patient and provide ongoing care, as well as forming close and rewarding working relationships with their colleagues.

To become a Registered Nurse you will need to complete a Bachelor of Nursing course at university. There are nine universities in NSW offering Bachelor of Nursing courses (three years full-time or the equivalent  part-time). These courses provide a mixture of theory and nursing clinical experience in a range of settings, including medical and surgical wards, emergency departments, paediatric wards, operating theatres, mental health units, rehabilitation, aged care facilities, intensive care units and Aboriginal and community health.

You may also gain some of your experience in simulation laboratories, practising your clinical skills on ‘high tech’ mannequins, under the guidance of university educators. As a student you will be exposed to a broad range of clinical areas and settings, giving you the chance to discover what area of nursing you like the best. The application process can be viewed at:

Once you graduate, an application is made to the Nurses and Midwives Board to practice as a Registered Nurse. As a Registered Nurse you will work as part of a team, with other skilled healthcare professionals, such as specialist nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, doctors, social workers and pharmacists. 

The opportunities to further your career are unlimited. You can choose to specialise in Coronary Care, Child & Family Health, Intensive Care, Midwifery, Emergency Nursing, Mental Health, Occupational Health, Surgical Nursing, Rehabilitation as well as Rural and Remote Community Nursing. There’s also the option of moving into a management-based role, education or research.

If you want to discover the types of jobs currently available for Registered Nurses have a look at the employment section of the NSW Health website at:

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