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Salary Information

The nursing and midwifery profession offers many opportunities to earn a good income. It really depends on your lifestyle, family commitments and financial needs. That’s the flexibility that this profession has to offer.

For example, employees working afternoon or night shifts are paid percentages of their salary in addition to the ordinary rate, such as 10 -12.5% extra for afternoon shifts or 10-15% extra for night shifts. Additional rates also apply for weekends and if you do overtime.

Enrolled Nurses
Enrolled Nurses are highly respected and valued members of the health care team. If you decide to become an Enrolled Nurse you’ll enjoy good working conditions and generous leave entitlements. You’ll also receive a very competitive salary (starting from around $42,800 p.a.) depending on your experience and training. You may also choose to undertake further studies and take advantage of the opportunities to specialise in areas like child and family health, mental health, palliative care or intensive care.

Registered Nurses
Registered nursing offers excellent working conditions and generous leave entitlements. You’ll also receive a competitive salary that increases as you gain experience. Salaries start at around $47,500 p.a. and employment opportunities are excellent.

Depending on your experience and qualifications, you’ll earn a very competitive salary, starting from around $47,500 p.a.

Information about salary rates, shift allowances, hours of work and leave entitlements for nurses and midwives.

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