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A - Policy Directives & Guidelines

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TitleAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Origin - Recording of Information of Patients and Clients PD2012_042 25/07/2012
TitleAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples - Preferred Terminology to be Used PD2005_319 27/01/2005
TitleAboriginal Ear Health Program Guidelines GL2011_013 08/11/2011
TitleAboriginal Family Health Workers - Operational Guidelines GL2009_001 06/02/2009
TitleAboriginal Health Impact Statement PD2017_004 10/02/2017
TitleAboriginal Mental Health and Well Being Policy 2006-2010 PD2007_059 16/07/2007
TitleAccommodation - Health Owned - Consideration of Rental/Market Rental Assistance Grant PD2010_038 18/06/2010
TitleAccommodation - Health Owned - Requests from External Organisations PD2009_061 30/09/2009
TitleAccreditation of Community Prescribers - Highly Specialised Drugs for HIV, Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C PD2013_055 20/12/2013
TitleAd Hoc Requests for Funding - Organisations External to NSW Health PD2005_507 01/03/2005
TitleAdmitted Patient Election Processes for NSW Public Hospitals - Revised PD2005_221 27/01/2005
TitleAdoption Act 2000 - Release of Information PD2016_036 19/08/2016
TitleAdoption of a Child - Guidelines for Hospitals & Maternity Staff in Response to Parents Considering PD2005_545 07/03/2005
TitleAdult Urethral Catheterisation for Acute Care Settings GL2015_016 15/12/2015
TitleAdult-to-Adult Living Donor Liver Transplantation Guidelines GL2008_019 22/12/2008
TitleAdvance Care Directives (NSW) - Using GL2005_056 22/03/2005
TitleAged Care - Information Management Requirements/Residential Clients Accommodated/Federal Funded Beds PD2005_357 27/01/2005
TitleAged Care - Working with People with Challenging Behaviours in Residential Aged Care Facilities GL2006_014 04/09/2006
TitleAggression, Seclusion & Restraint in Mental Health Facilities - Guideline Focused Upon Older People GL2012_005 26/06/2012
TitleAggression, Seclusion & Restraint in Mental Health Facilities in NSW PD2012_035 26/06/2012
TitleAllied Health Assistant Framework GL2013_005 05/08/2013
TitleAllied Health Professionals' Right of Private Practice in NSW Health Facilities PD2015_017 26/05/2015
TitleAmbulance Service - Charges PD2016_021 14/06/2016
TitleAmbulance Services to Pensioners and Other Special Needs Groups in NSW PD2006_061 01/08/2006
TitleAmputee Care - The Use of Post-Operative Rigid Dressings for Trans-Tibial Amputees GL2008_006 18/03/2008
TitleAmputee Care Standards in New South Wales PD2008_015 18/03/2008
TitleAnimal Visits and Interventions in Public and Private Health Services in NSW GL2012_007 04/09/2012
TitleAntenatal Maternal Referral/Transfer: Known Congenital Structural Malformations - Early Surgery PD2010_062 06/10/2010
TitleApnoea Monitors GL2012_002 24/01/2012
TitleApplication and Use of Procurement Cards (PCards) within NSW Health PD2016_005 19/02/2016
TitleApplication of Policies - Newly Established NSW Health Agencies PD2013_021 30/07/2013
TitleApproval Process of Medicines for Use in NSW Public Hospitals PD2016_033 10/08/2016
TitleArea of Need Program PD2013_003 23/01/2013
TitleAssets - Valuation of Physical Non-Current Assets at Fair Value PD2008_013 18/02/2008
TitleAssisted Reproductive Technology - Ethical Guidelines GL2006_011 10/08/2006
TitleAsylum Seekers Assistance Scheme - Provision of Hospital Services PD2005_528 04/03/2005

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