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Community Health Centres


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TitleAboriginal Family Health Workers - Operational Guidelines GL2009_001 06/02/2009
TitleAboriginal Mental Health and Well Being Policy 2006-2010 PD2007_059 16/07/2007
TitleAccreditation of Community Prescribers - Highly Specialised Drugs for HIV, Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C PD2013_055 20/12/2013
TitleAd Hoc Requests for Funding - Organisations External to NSW Health PD2005_507 01/03/2005
TitleAmputee Care - The Use of Post-Operative Rigid Dressings for Trans-Tibial Amputees GL2008_006 18/03/2008
TitleAmputee Care Standards in New South Wales PD2008_015 18/03/2008
TitleAssisted Reproductive Technology - Ethical Guidelines GL2006_011 10/08/2006
TitleBed Numbers Data Collection - NSW Procedures Policy PD2012_054 27/09/2012
TitleBreastfeeding - Promoting and Supporting in NSW: Case Studies GL2005_068 03/08/2005
TitleChild Related Allegations, Charges and Convictions against NSW Health Staff PD2016_025 29/06/2016
TitleChildren Overdue for Immunisation (Guidelines for the Active Follow-Up of ) PD2005_098 25/01/2005
TitleClient Registration Guideline GL2007_024 19/12/2007
TitleClient Registration Policy PD2007_094 19/12/2007
TitleClinical Practices - Adult Sexual Assault Forensic Examinations Conducted by Nurse Examiners PD2005_614 03/08/2005
TitleCommunity Sharps Disposal by Area Health Services PD2008_004 08/01/2008
TitleComplaint Management Guidelines GL2006_023 20/12/2006
TitleComplaint Management Policy PD2006_073 29/08/2006
TitleComplaint or Concern about a Clinician - Management Guidelines GL2006_002 30/01/2006
TitleComplaint or Concern about a Clinician - Principles for Action PD2006_007 30/01/2006
TitleConsent to Medical Treatment - Patient Information PD2005_406 27/01/2005
TitleDeath - Management of sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy PD2008_070 22/12/2008
TitleDomestic Violence - Identifying and Responding PD2006_084 26/10/2006
TitleDrug and Alcohol Clinical Supervision Guidelines GL2006_009 07/06/2006
TitleFatigue - Preventing & Managing Work Related Fatigue: Guidelines for the NSW Public Health System GL2007_023 06/12/2007
TitleHealth Establishment Registration PD2008_001 03/01/2008
TitleHealth Facility Guidelines - Australasian Health Facility Guidelines in NSW GL2008_017 03/11/2008
TitleHealth Facility Guidelines/Health Facility Briefing System - Variations Process in NSW PD2009_035 24/06/2009
TitleHealth Records and Medical/Clinical Reports - Charging Policy PD2006_050 05/07/2006
TitleHepatitis B Vaccination Policy PD2005_222 27/01/2005
TitleHIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C - Management of Health Care Workers Potentially Exposed PD2005_311 27/01/2005
TitleHIV/AIDS, NSW Supported Accommodation Plan 2007-2010 GL2008_004 14/02/2008
TitleHome and Community Care Minimum Data Set Version 2 - Collection & Reporting Requirements PD2008_050 03/09/2008
TitleHot or Cold Packs Application GL2005_015 25/01/2005
TitleImmunisation Register - Australian Childhood PD2005_085 25/01/2005
TitleIncident Management PD2007_061 24/07/2007
TitleIncident Management Policy PD2014_004 10/02/2014
TitleInfection Control Policy PD2007_036 23/05/2007
TitleInfection Control Policy: Prevention & Management of Multi-Resistant Organisms (MRO) PD2007_084 13/11/2007
TitleInformation Sharing - NSW Health & DoCS - Opioid Treatment - Responsibility - Children Under 16 PD2006_085 22/11/2006
TitleIntegrated Primary & Community Health Policy Implementation Plan 2007-2012 GL2007_019 20/11/2007
TitleInterpreters - Standard Procedures for Working with Health Care Interpreters PD2006_053 11/07/2006
TitleIsolated Patients Travel and Accommodation Assistance Scheme Policy Framework PD2012_070 24/12/2012
TitleLookback Policy PD2007_075 28/09/2007
TitleMaternity Leave - Access to Reduced Hours for Staff Following Return PD2005_154 25/01/2005
TitleMedical Discharge Referral Reporting Standard (MDRRS) GL2006_015 25/10/2006
TitleMedical Practitioners - Compliance with Registration Conditions PD2008_071 24/12/2008
TitleMental Health Ambulatory (MH-AMB) Data Collection Reporting and Submission Requirements 1 July 2006 PD2006_042 28/06/2006
TitleMental Health Clinical Documentation Guidelines GL2014_002 31/01/2014
TitleMental Health Outcomes & Assessment Tools (MH-OAT) Data Collection Reporting Requirement 1 July 2006 PD2006_041 28/06/2006
TitleMobile Phones and Wireless Communication Devices - Interference with Medical Equipment - Use of GL2005_045 27/01/2005
TitleMotor Vehicles - Fringe Benefits Tax PD2005_531 04/03/2005
TitleMultilingual Health Resources by AHS, DoH and NGOs Funded by NSW Health (Guidelines for Production) GL2005_032 27/01/2005
TitleNeedles/Syringes Distribution by Retail Pharmacies Involved in NSW Methadone Program GL2005_004 25/01/2005
TitleNon-English Speaking Background - Standard Procedures - Improved Access Area/Public Health Services PD2005_483 25/02/2005
TitleNursing & Midwifery Clinical Guidelines - Identifying & Responding to Drug & Alcohol Issues GL2008_001 07/01/2008
TitleNursing & Midwifery Management of Drug & Alcohol Issues in the Delivery of Health Care PD2007_091 12/12/2007
TitleOccupational Health & Safety Issues Associated with Management Bariatric (Severely Obese) Patients GL2005_070 21/09/2005
TitleOffice Accommodation Policy - Public Health Organisations and Ambulance Service PD2005_576 26/04/2005
TitleOzone Generators Used for the Purpose of Indoor Air Cleaning PD2005_629 25/10/2005
TitlePalliative Care Role Delineation Framework GL2007_022 26/11/2007
TitlePatient Safety and Clinical Quality Program PD2005_608 26/07/2005
TitlePhysical Health Care of Mental Health Consumers GL2009_007 14/05/2009
TitlePhysical Health Care Within Mental Health Services PD2009_027 14/05/2009
TitlePressure Injury Prevention and Management PD2014_007 24/03/2014
TitlePrivacy Internal Review Guidelines NSW Health GL2006_007 24/05/2006
TitlePublished Information Access - Requirement to Deposit NSW DoH Publications with Special Libraries PD2005_400 27/01/2005
TitleRainwater Tanks Where a Public Water Supply is Available - Use of GL2007_009 06/06/2007
TitleRecognition and Management of Patients who are Clinically Deteriorating PD2013_049 09/12/2013
TitleRehabilitation for Chronic Disease - Implementing Volume 2 GL2006_022 06/12/2006
TitleReportable Incident Definition under section 20L of the Health Administration Act PD2005_634 17/11/2005
TitleReports - Countersigning Enrolled Nurse, Trainee Enrolled Nurse or Assistant in Nursing Patient Care GL2005_034 27/01/2005
TitleSalary - Recovery of Overpayments for NSW Health Service Employees PD2009_015 01/04/2009
TitleSharps Injuries - Prevention in the NSW Public Health System PD2007_052 29/06/2007
TitleSpecialist Mental Health Services for Older People (SMHSOP) - NSW Service Plan - 2005-2015 GL2006_013 30/08/2006
TitleSponsorships Policy - NSW Health PD2005_415 27/01/2005
TitleStudent Training and Rights of Patients PD2005_548 07/03/2005
TitleSudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and safe sleeping for infants GL2005_063 24/05/2005
TitleTransport for Health PD2006_068 24/08/2006
TitleTransport of People Who are Mentally Ill PD2005_139 25/01/2005
TitleTuberculin Skin Testing PD2009_005 30/01/2009
TitleTuberculosis - Minimising the risk of Tuberculosis in patients starting Anti TNF Inhibitors GL2008_007 07/04/2008
TitleTuberculosis Contact Tracing PD2008_017 07/04/2008
TitleTuberculosis in Children and Adolescents GL2005_060 27/04/2005
TitleVictims Rights Act 1996 PD2005_287 27/01/2005
TitleWaste Management Guidelines for Health Care Facilities - August 1998 PD2005_132 25/01/2005
TitleWater - Requirements for the Provision of Cold and Heated Water PD2005_344 27/01/2005
TitleWelcome to Country Protocols Policy PD2005_472 15/02/2005
TitleWork Experience Programs in NSW Public Health System (Guidelines for Provision of ) GL2005_020 25/01/2005
TitleWork Health and Safety: Better Practice Procedures PD2013_050 16/12/2013

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