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Dementia Services Framework 2010-2015

Doc type: Guideline

Doc No.: GL2011_004

Functional Group - Sub Group:
Clinical/ Patient Services - Aged Care
Clinical/ Patient Services - Mental Health

The Framework is for health, community and residential services to assist with planning and development of dementia services and programs. It reviews service needs and makes recommendations along a service pathway of dementia care from awareness through diagnosis, assessment, community, hospital and residential care. Recommendations are practical and aim to improve access, diagnosis and continuing care. It can be used as a checklist for reviewing the way services are currently provided and can encourage reflection on how services could be delivered differently to improve outcomes for people with dementia, carers and families.

Date of Publication: 10 March 2011


  • Dementia Action Plan 2007-2009 [GL2007_025]
Author Branch: Primary Health and Community Partnerships

This document applies to: Local Health Networks, Board Governed Statutory Health Corporations, Chief Executive Governed Statutory Health Corporations, Network Governed Statutory Health Corporations, Affiliated Health Organisations, Community Health Centres, Public Health Units, Public Hospitals

Audience: Policy, service planning, aged care, mental health, nursing, emergency depts, medical, allied health

Distributed to: Public Health System, Divisions of General Practice, Government Medical Officers, NSW Ambulance Service , NSW Department of Health, Private Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres , Tertiary Education Institutes

Review Date: 10 March 2016

Policy Manual: Patient Matters

Status: Active

File link: Dementia Services Framework 2010-2015
File size: 1005Kb

Dementia Services Framework 2010-2015

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