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Clinical Excellence Commission


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Title High-Risk Medicines Management Policy PD2015_029 12/08/2015
TitleAdult Urethral Catheterisation for Acute Care Settings GL2015_016 15/12/2015
TitleApproval Process of Medicines for Use in NSW Public Hospitals PD2016_033 10/08/2016
TitleCentral Venous Access Device Insertion and Post Insertion Care PD2011_060 22/09/2011
TitleClinical Handover - Standard Key Principles PD2009_060 28/09/2009
TitleClinical Procedure Safety PD2014_036 20/10/2014
TitleEnvironmental Cleaning Policy PD2012_061 16/11/2012
TitleHand Hygiene Policy PD2010_058 13/09/2010
TitleIncident Management Policy PD2014_004 10/02/2014
TitleInfection Control Policy PD2007_036 23/05/2007
TitleInfection Control Policy - Animals as Patients in Health Organisations PD2009_030 20/05/2009
TitleInfection Control Policy: Prevention & Management of Multi-Resistant Organisms (MRO) PD2007_084 13/11/2007
TitleInfection Control Program Quality Monitoring PD2005_414 27/01/2005
TitleLookback Policy PD2007_075 28/09/2007
TitleOpen Disclosure Policy PD2014_028 02/09/2014
TitlePatient Identification Bands PD2014_024 16/07/2014
TitlePatient Safety and Clinical Quality Program PD2005_608 26/07/2005
TitlePeripheral Intravenous Cannula (PIVC) Insertion and Post Insertion Care in Adult Patients GL2013_013 04/12/2013
TitlePressure Injury Prevention and Management PD2014_007 24/03/2014
TitlePrevention of Venous Thromboembolism PD2014_032 22/09/2014
TitlePrinciples for Safe Management of Disturbed and /or Aggressive Behaviour and the Use of Restraint PD2015_004 28/01/2015
TitleRecognition and Management of Patients who are Clinically Deteriorating PD2013_049 09/12/2013
TitleSafe Administration of Liquid Medicines by Routes other than Injection PD2012_006 20/01/2012
TitleSafety Alert Broadcast System Policy Directive PD2013_009 27/05/2013
TitleUser-applied Labelling of Injectable Medicines, Fluids and Lines PD2016_058 22/12/2016
TitleYour Health Rights and Responsibilities PD2011_022 20/04/2011

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