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Infection Control Policy

Doc type: Policy Directive
Compliance with this policy directive is mandatory.

Doc No.: PD2007_036

Functional Group - Sub Group:
Clinical/ Patient Services - Infectious diseases
Population Health - Infection Control
Personnel/Workforce - Occupational Health & Safety

*Please note- Section 5 of this Policy has been superceded by PD2012_061: Environmental Cleaning Policy.

NSW Health is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all patients and visitors in health care settings. This document outlines the broad principles of infection control and is intended as a framework within which Area Health Services and health care facilities can develop comprehensive operational infection control policies and procedures appropriate to their own organisation.

The redesigned PDF was uploaded on 3/9/2007 - the policy content has not changed.

Section 2.1.1 Hand Hygiene was replaced by a stand alone policy PD2010_058 on 13/9/2010 as advised in information bulletin IB2010_049

Date of Publication: 23 May 2007


  • Infection Control Policy [PD2005_247]
  • Tuberculosis - Infection Control [PD2005_596]
  • Colour Coding of Cleaning Equipment [PD2005_097]
Author Branch: Clinical Excellence Commission

This document applies to: Area Health Services/Chief Executive Governed Statutory Health Corporation, Board Governed Statutory Health Corporations, Affiliated Health Organisations, Affiliated Health Organisations - Declared, Public Health System Support Division, Community Health Centres, Dental Schools and Clinics, NSW Ambulance Service, Ministry of Health, Private Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres, Public Health Units, Public Hospitals

Audience: All staff

Distributed to: Public Health System, Community Health Centres , Dental Schools and Clinics, Divisions of General Practice, Environmental Health Officers of Local Councils, Government Medical Officers, Health Associations Unions, Health Professional Associations and Related Organisations, NSW Ambulance Service , Ministry of Health, Public Health Units, Public Hospitals, Private Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres , Private Nursing Homes, Tertiary Education Institutes

Review Date: 30 June 2017

Policy Manual: Patient Matters

Status: Active

File link: Infection Control Policy
File size: 1260Kb

Infection Control Policy

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