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Open Disclosure Policy

Doc type: Policy Directive
Compliance with this policy directive is mandatory.

Doc No.: PD2014_028

Functional Group - Sub Group:
Corporate Administration - Governance
Clinical/ Patient Services - Incident management
Clinical/ Patient Services - Governance and Service Delivery
Personnel/Workforce - Conduct and ethics

This policy sets out the minimum requirements for implementing open disclosure within NSW Health facilities and services, describes when open disclosure is required, defines the two stages of the open disclosure process - clinician disclosure and, where indicated, formal open disclosure -, outlines key steps, and outlines the roles and responsibilities for NSW Health staff in relation to open disclosure.

Date of Publication: 02 September 2014


  • Open Disclosure [PD2007_040]
  • Open Disclosure Guidelines [GL2007_007]
Author Branch: Clinical Excellence Commission

This document applies to: Local Health Districts, Board Governed Statutory Health Corporations, Chief Executive Governed Statutory Health Corporations, Specialty Network Governed Statutory Health Corporations, Affiliated Health Organisations, Public Health System Support Division, Community Health Centres, Dental Schools and Clinics, Government Medical Officers, NSW Ambulance Service, Ministry of Health, Private Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres, Public Health Units, Public Hospitals, NSW Health Pathology, Cancer Institute (NSW)

Audience: All clinical, management and executive staff of public health organisations in NSW

Distributed to: Public Health System, Divisions of General Practice, Environmental Health Officers of Local Councils, Government Medical Officers, Health Associations Unions, NSW Ambulance Service , Ministry of Health, Public Health Units, Private Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres , Tertiary Education Institutes

Review Date: 02 September 2019

Policy Manual: Accounting - PHO, Health Records & Information, Patient Matters

File No: D14/98

Status: Active

File link: Open Disclosure Policy
File size: 366Kb

Open Disclosure Policy

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