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High-Risk Medicines Management Policy

Doc type: Policy Directive
Compliance with this policy directive is mandatory.

Doc No.: PD2015_029

Functional Group - Sub Group:
Corporate Administration - Governance
Corporate Administration - Records
Clinical/ Patient Services - Medical Treatment
Clinical/ Patient Services - Nursing and Midwifery
Population Health - Pharmaceutical

This policy directive outlines the requirements for the safe management and use of high-risk medicines within NSW Health facilities. It defines the requirements for establishing a high-risk medicine program that includes the development of a specific high-risk medicines register and the strategies to mitigate the risks associated with those medicines. This policy includes individual policy standards for the following medicines: hydromorphone, methotrexate (oral), neuromuscular blocking agents, paracetamol, potassium (intravenous), vincristine and anticoagulants.

Date of Publication: 12 August 2015


  • High-Risk Medicines Management [PD2012_003]
  • Paracetamol Use [PD2009_009]
  • Methotrexate - Safe use of Oral Methotrexate [PD2005_624]
Author Branch: Clinical Excellence Commission

This document applies to: Local Health Districts, Board Governed Statutory Health Corporations, Specialty Network Governed Statutory Health Corporations, Affiliated Health Organisations, Community Health Centres, Public Hospitals

Audience: Clinical, administration, medical, nursing, pharmaceutical staff

Distributed to: Public Health System, Divisions of General Practice, Government Medical Officers, Health Associations Unions, NSW Ambulance Service , Ministry of Health, Private Hospitals and Day Procedure Centres , Tertiary Education Institutes

Review Date: 12 August 2020

Policy Manual: Patient Matters

File No: CEC 15/306

Status: Active

File link: High-Risk Medicines Management Policy
File size: 315Kb

  High-Risk Medicines Management Policy

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