Algorithm for the management of household contacts of cases of acute hepatitis A

Modified from the 2009 UK guidelines, Appendix A, page 17 (reference below)

Household contact of case of hepatitis A with no history of hepatitis A vaccine or laboratory confirmed hepatitis A

  • Branch A: less than or equal to 14 days post exposure
    • Branch A1: Chronic liver disease or HIV infection or immuno-suppressed
      • ​Category A1.1. Provide NHIG (because of reduced and delayed immune response to vaccine and risk of severe illness)
    • ​Branch A2: Previously healthy
      • Branch A2.1: Aged less than 12 months
        • ​Category A2.1. Vaccinate carers AND/OR exclude infant from childcare AND provide NHIG
      • Branch A2.2: Aged 12 months to 40 years
        • ​Category A2.2. Provide hepatitis A vaccine 
      • ​Branch A2.3: Aged over 40 years
        • ​Category A2.3. Provide NHIG and/or vaccine
  • Branch B: over 14 days post exposure (All contacts)
    • Branch B1: Non-food handler
      • Category B1.1. Provide health and hygiene advice only
    • ​Branch B2: Food handler
      • ​Category B2.1: Conduct risk Assessment


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