Information and support for people at risk of or affected by HIV.

Alzheimer's Australia NSW

Access to a range of services to support people with any type of dementia.

Bobby Goldsmith Foundation

Financial assistance, financial counselling, supported housing, and employment services to people disadvantaged by HIV and AIDS in NSW.

Carers NSW

Education and training, information, support and referral for carers in NSW. Ensures better services for carers and the promotion of carers' issues.

NSW Community Care Supports Program

Maintenance and support services for younger people with a disability and support services for their carers.

Multicultural Hepatitis and HIV Service

Information and support for culturally and linguistically diverse individuals.

Positive Life

Represents the interests of people living with HIV/AIDS in NSW and advocates on their behalf.


National Association of People With HIV Australia

Peak non-government organisation representing community-based groups of people living with HIV, providing: advocacy, policy, health promotion, effective representation, and outreach.

Research and Education

The Kirby Institute

Primarily co-ordinates national surveillance programs, clinical research and clinical trials.

Australasian Society for HIV Medicine

Australasia's peak organisation for health worker in HIV/AIDS.

Case Management Society of Australia

Peak body supporting and developing the practice of quality case management.

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