​In the few months before your NDIS plan ends, it’s time to start collecting information and thinking about goals for your next plan. What has worked well in your current plan? What would you like to change?

What to think about for your plan review

  • Progress towards your goals
    Ask for reports from your current service providers about how supports provided through the NDIS have contributed to working towards your goals, and what supports you may need for your next NDIS plan. Any new assessments should provide evidence of what you need in your next NDIS plan. When you have made limited progress towards your goals, explain why. Progress may have been limited, for example, due to illness or a lack of funding.
  • Your goals for the next 12 months
    What supports do you need to reach them?
  • When you have not used all of the funds in your current plan
    Explain why. If you don't use all of the funds, the planner may suggest that you need less funding in your next plan. Also, any unspent funds will not roll over into your next plan.
  • Going through major life changes
    Consider how expected events may change your required supports. For example, starting or finishing study, moving house, planned surgeries, or requiring modified or new equipment.
  • Managing your funding
    The three funding options are: self-managed, plan-managed, NDIA-managed. Did the current option work for you? Would you like to change options?

If your plan is due to finish soon but you have not yet been contacted by an NDIA representative to organise a preplanning meeting, please contact NDIS.

You can use the resources in Creating my plan to help you prepare for your next planning meeting.​​

Page Updated: Wednesday 8 May 2019
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