Can my child access the NDIS?

If your child has a newly acquired disability, they will need to meet the access requirements.

Find out more about eligibility, access requirements and how to apply.

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About this guide

Find out how this online resource can help you.

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Creating my child's plan

During pre-planning, you will need to think about your child’s goals and what NDIS supports they may receive.

Find out how to prepare for the NDIS planning meeting and what happens on the day.

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Using my child's plan

Once you have received your child’s NDIS plan and understand what’s in it, you can start choosing service providers.

Find out how to budget funds, make service bookings and agreements, and what to do if you have questions.

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Reviewing my child's plan

In the few months before your child’s NDIS plan ends, it’s time to start collecting information and thinking about goals for their next plan. Think about what has worked well in your child’s plan, and what you would like to change.

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