'Health Reform: Improving Patient Care'

We have been changing the NSW public health system as we work towards delivering better clinical outcomes, better patient experiences and a health system that people are proud to work in.

Our objectives are to deliver a health system in which more decisions are made locally with increased involvement from clinicians and the community. We are providing the people of NSW a health system where they can clearly see how services are run.

In 2012, we took the first step… The Next Step: Funding Reform… a new approach to the funding, purchasing and performance of health services in NSW. This approach will support improvements in clinical practice and deliver even better results for patients. It has delivered a new level of transparency in how our system is funded and has aligned funding more closely with patient care.

We move the care agenda forward at the 2013 Symposium Health Reform: Improving Patient Care. Local Health Districts continue their implementation of funding reform, using activity based funding while health service managers work with local communities to ensure the funding model works effectively. At the 2013 Symposium we reflect on the first year of implementation and focus on how we can deliver care differently to further improve patient care, treatment and outcomes.
Page Updated: Friday 3 May 2013