LHD Board: Associate Professor Patrick Cregan. Chief Executive: Elizabeth Koff 

  • ED Senior Assessment and Streaming
    Dr Matthew Vukasovic -Westmead Hospital, Western Sydney LHD
    SAFE-T: A new front of house model of care allows faster efficient service in Emergency Department
  • Telesurgery Robotics
    Professor Mohamed Khadra - Nepean Hospital, Nepean Blue Mountains LHD
    Robotic Surgery comes to NSW Public Hospitals
  • Acute Surgical Unit
    Ms Megan King and Ms Sherylle Sheehy - Wagga Wagga, Murrumbidgee NSW LHD
    An innovative model of care for managing rural General Surgical Emergency Patients
  • Changing Face of Healthcare Delivery by Paramedics
    Ms Michelle Shiel - Ambulance Service NSW
    Paramedics improving patient care and reducing ED congestion
Page Updated: Friday 19 October 2012