The Commonwealth of Australia (the Commonwealth) and the state of New South Wales (NSW) acknowledge that while Australia has a high performing health system, some patients with chronic and complex conditions experience the system as fragmented and difficult to navigate. The Bilateral Agreement on coordinated care (the Agreement) recognises the mutual interest and investment of the Commonwealth and NSW in improving the delivery of care for patients with chronic and complex conditions and reducing avoidable demand for health services.
 The Agreement sets out a suite of reforms across eight priority areas:
  • data collection and analysis
  • system integration
  • care coordination
  • palliative and end of life care
  • multidisciplinary team care
  • aged care
  • rural and remote services
  • mental health.
The Agreement complements reforms relating to safety and quality and commonwealth funding mechanisms. The Agreement aims to progress the Council of Australian Government (COAG)'s commitment to enhanced coordinated care as articulated in the Addendum to the National Health Reform Agreement Revised Public Hospital Arrangements for 2017-18 to 2019-20.
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