Maternity and newborn training


FONT refers to fetal welfare, obstetric emergencies and neonatal resuscitation training.

The NSW (FONT)© education program provides a collaborative interprofessional learning environment. Completion of FONT is mandatory for all NSW Health maternity clinicians (including obstetricians, general practitioner obstetricians, obstetric residents and registrars, registered midwives and midwifery students). FONT incorporates the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) 'Between the Flags' education for maternity care.

Neonatal resuscitation

Neonatal Resuscitation courses are provided across NSW separately or as part of the FONT program. Refer to your local facility training.​

K2 perinatal training program

K2 Perinatal Training is an online mandatory training program for all midwives. K2 Perinatal Training includes:

  • Fetal Monitoring Training
  • Maternal Crisis Management Training

Study days, courses and conferences

Aboriginal health training

Yarning about Quitting e-learning package

Yarning about Quitting is a blended learning package that aims to increase the capacity of health professionals to provide effective and culturally appropriate smoking cessation support to pregnant Aboriginal women and mothers.

The package provides evidence-based information about treatment of smoking in pregnancy. It also has a strong focus on communication skills including:

  • How to open a conversation about smoking and quitting
  • How to revisit the conversation over time (at subsequent visits)
  • How to work with a woman to provide effective support and advice to assist her to make/sustain quit attempts.

The Yarning about Quitting learning package includes:

  • An eLearning module
  • A resource kit that trainers/educators can use to conduct four hours of face-to-face training (PowerPoint presentation, facilitator notes, handouts) and
  • The Yarning about Quitting DVD (used in the face-to-face training).

The package is designed to be used by trainers/educators to on-train staff within their service/organisation. While the eLearning module and DVD can be viewed independently, these resources are most effectively utilised as part of the whole learning package.

Yarning about Quitting is relevant for all health professionals working with Aboriginal women, women having Aboriginal babies, and Aboriginal families.

For more information contact:

Yarning about Quitting e-learning module

HETI provides access to the Yarning about Quitting e-learning module.

Yarning about Quitting face-to-face training resource kit

Yarning about Quitting videos

Why is Yarning about Quitting important?

  • Scenario 1: Chrissie
  • Scenario 2: Marlene
  • Scenario 3: Lisa
  • Conclusion

All the Yarning about Quitting videos can be viewed on this website.

There is also a set of presenter facilitator notes available.
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