The Kids and Families Data Warehouse, built to house community health data collections, is being rolled out in three phases. Over time, when the EDWARD data system is ready, the Kids and Families Data Warehouse will be transferred to it.

Only registered users will be able to input and upload data which will be stored in a single location. Registered users and the Health and Social Policy Branch will be able to extract data for the purposes of reporting, monitoring and evaluation.

Additional info​rmation

 Kids and Families Data Warehouse fact sheet

What is no​w available

  • Sexual Assault Services Data Collection
  • Sustaining NSW Families Data Collection

Steps to become a registered user

  1. Complete a  Kids and Families Data Warehouse User Registration and Profile Update Form or the  SAS User Registration and Profile Update Form
  2. Have it signed by your supervisor
  3. Return it to the Kids and Families Data Warehouse Administrator at
  4. Await authorisation and email with your login details or an email refusing approval with reasons cited.

Help D​esk

Call the Help Desk if you need assistance with using the Data Warehouse on (02) 9391 9993 during business hours Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Using the​ Kids and Families Data Warehouse

Sexual Assault Services

Sustaining NSW Families


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