Board membership

Local Health District Boards and Specialty Network Boards consist of 6 to 13 members appointed by the Minister for Health. The selection criteria for board members aims to ensure an appropriate mix of skills and expertise to oversee and provide guidance to large, complex organisations. These include:

  • expertise and experience in matters such as health, financial or business management;
  • expertise and experience in the provision of clinical and other health services;
  • representatives of universities, clinical schools or research centres;
  • knowledge and understanding of the community; and
  • other background, skills, expertise, knowledge or experience appropriate for the organisation
  • understanding of or experience in primary care
  • at least one member must have expertise, knowledge or experience in relation to Aboriginal health

Members of a Local Health District Board or Specialty Network Board are appointed as independent individuals and are required to act in the best interests of the board and the Local Health District or Specialty Network.

When expressions of interest are called for both Chairpersons and general members of Local Health District or Specialty Network Boards advertisements are placed in major metropolitan and regional newspapers calling for individuals with requisite skills.

The call for expressions of interest for Local Health District and Specialty Health Network Board membership is currently closed.

If you have any questions please see the Frequently Asked Questions about Board Appointments, contact the Ministry's Corporate Governance and Risk Management on telephone (02) 9391 9654, or email

NSW Government board and committees

In addition to the Local Health District Boards and Specialty Network Boards, to support the NSW Government’s commitment to increasing diversity in the membership of public sector boards and committees the Department of Premier and Cabinet also maintains a register of people who are interested in serving on NSW Government boards and committees. Should you be interested in registering please go to the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet website to join the NSW Government Register for Boards and Committees. ​​​

Page Updated: Wednesday 20 May 2020