The Pathways to Community Living Initiative (PCLI) was implemented across NSW from mid-2014 and is funded and coordinated by the NSW Ministry of Health in collaboration with Local Health Districts (LHDs). This initiative was established to support the transition of long-stay mental health patients into appropriate community-based services, where possible.

The PCLI is a transformational change program which represents a coordinated, system wide change agenda affecting multiple organisations and care providers.  This challenging initiative requires continued dedication and commitment as it expands the knowledge, skills and approaches of staff within mental health services; establishes new and improved partnerships with other organisations and introduces new models of care with adaptations to existing work practices to provided recovery-oriented and person centred care to consumers.

The PCLI is led, funded and coordinated by the NSW Ministry of Health in collaboration with Local Health Districts (LHDs). The PCLI became operational in the LHDs in mid-2015 with the introduction of a comprehensive suite of evidence-based patient assessments and pre-transition planning processes.

A four year independent evaluation by the Australian Health Services Research Institute at the University of Wollongong has noted that the vision, energy and commitment of this coordinated approach is ensuring  successful transitions occurring with immediate positive outcomes for both consumers and their carers and/ or families. Evidence also indicates that since the implementation of this program, the overall length of long-stay admissions in NSW has reduced significantly. 

There are a range of published resources and guides available for clinicians and teams to assist with the discussion with the person involved, and their assessments and in developing the plan for the transition to ensure a smooth and seamless process. Some non-published resources are also available for the LHD clinicians and senior staff through the Mental Health Branch, NSW Ministry of Health.

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