16 December 2016

NSW Health has announced an extension for feedback on a survey launched as part of a major review into NSW Health’s Personal Health Record, known as the ‘Blue Book’.

Parents, carers and health professionals are invited to have their say to ensure the Blue Book is optimised and remains relevant into the future.

The Blue Book is a key resource for every parent and/or carer of newborn babies in the state and has been produced by NSW Health since 1988.

It has evolved over time to reflect current evidence and support families raising children in NSW and support families as they raise their children and identify any child health or developmental problems early, in order to maximise positive health outcomes.

In addition, the Blue Book helps document a child’s health and can be used as a reference in to adulthood.

The survey is available until December 23, 2016 and can be accessed at the link



  • since 1988, the Blue Book has been subject to regular major reviews
  • since 2006 these reviews have been undertaken on a five-yearly cycle
  • the last major review of the Blue Book was conducted in 2012. It involved the largest survey of stakeholder views on the Blue Book to date
  • approximately 100,000 Blue Books are issued to NSW families each year.