06 September 2019
NSW Health’s commitment to providing our patients, whether they are public or private, with the best value care and experience, has been vindicated in a letter to health fund members.

Despite several statements issued to media stating that NSW public hospitals will not charge private patients out-of-pocket amounts for single room accommodation, this has not been conveyed in recent coverage.

In a letter to its members today, HCF wrote:

“Recent media reports suggest HCF members will be out of pocket an additional $320 per night if they use their private health insurance for a single room stay in a NSW or ACT public hospital.

“This is not correct, NSW Health have assured HCF that “No NSW public hospital will charge patients an out of pocket amount for a private patient accommodated in a single room.”

Single room benefits paid by private health funds only represent around 0.6% of total member benefits paid by private health funds, with all benefits paid to public hospitals representing around only 6 per cent.

NSW Health has also previously stated that electing to be a private patient in a public hospital has no measurable impact on premiums.

Patients may elect to use their private health insurance in a NSW public hospital which allows patients to access their doctor of choice and accommodation in a single room, if available.

NSW Health provides information to patients to ensure they make this election on the basis of informed financial consent.