31 December 2019

With heatwave conditions expected for New Year’s eve, NSW Health is urging people to plan ahead to avoid the very real threat of heat related illness.

Temperatures are expected to rise above 40 degrees in many places and people outside celebrating the new year need to take proper precautions to avoid becoming easily dehydrated and overheating.

If going out for New Year’s eve plan your day carefully:

  • Carry plenty of water with you to drink regularly throughout the day
  • Stay in the shade as much as possible
  • Cover up with a hat, sunscreen and loose cool clothing
  • Look out for your friends
  • Minimise exercise in the hottest part of the day, especially if it’s smoky
  • Avoid too many sugary and alcoholic drinks
  • If you have asthma, remember to pack your reliever medication

If staying in, then prepare your home:

  • Draw the blinds and curtains to keep out the sun
  • Shut the doors and windows to keep hot and smoky air outside
  • Use air-conditioning or fans to keep cool

People with heart and breathing conditions should reduce outdoor physical activity when there’s smoke around. People with asthma should follow their Asthma Action Plan and carry their relieving medication with them.

Don’t forget to call in on elderly friends, neighbours and relatives in the heat to check they are also keeping cool and drinking enough water.

Alcohol and heat combined can really challenge your body, so keep a tab on your alcohol consumption. Set a limit on how many drinks youll have and alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones.

“Many drink serving sizes or premixed bottles are more than one standard drink, so your blood alcohol content may rise more quickly than you think,” Dr Jeremy McAnulty, Acting Chief Health Officer, NSW Health said.

Check the label on the drink container for standard drink information or pour your own drinks so you know how much you have consumed. Test your knowledge on NSW Health’s ‘Your Roomstandard drinks calculator you may be surprised.”

You can also contact NSW Healths Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service for support in staying healthy into the New Year at: https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/heal/Pages/gethealthy.aspx.​