Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery - Assistant in Nursing/Assistant in Midwifery

Name​ Status​​ ​Facility LHD/Specialty Network​
Meenakshi Baveja Winner ​The Children's Hospital - Westmead SCHN
​Courtney Solomons Finalist ​Nepean Hospital NBMLHD
​Robin Stabler Finalist ​Lismore Base Hospital NNSWLHD

Excellence in Nursing – Enrolled Nurse

Name ​              Status   ​Facility LHD/Specialty Network
Neil Keenan               ​Winner   Campbelltown Hospital​ SWSLHD
Joshua Paroz               ​Winner   Campbelltown Hospital SWSLHD
​Paul Maddocks               Finalist​   Sydney Children's Hospital - Randwick ​SCHN
Helen Murphy ​              Finalist   ​​Balranald Multi Purpose Service FWLHD

Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery - Graduate

Name ​Status Facility​ LHD/Specialty Network
Sally Smith ​Winner ​The Tweed Hospital NNSWLHD
Amanda Elms ​Finalist ​Liverpool Hospital SWSLHD
Max Lowe ​​Finalist ​Eastern Suburbs Mental Health Services SESLHD

Excellence in Nursing – Registered Nurse

Name ​Status Facility​​ LHD/Specialty Network
Kerry Devine ​Winner ​Westmead Hospital WSLHD
Colleen Crossman ​​Finalist ​Nepean Hospital NBMLHD
Pauline Byrne ​​Finalist ​Wollongong Hospital ISLHD
Patrick Gould ​​Finalist ​Eastern Suburbs Mental Health Services SESLHD

Excellence in Midwifery – Registered Midwife

Name ​​Status ​Facility​​ LHD/Specialty Network
Susan Guinane ​Winner ​NSW Health Pathology NSW Health
Michelle Simmons ​Finalist Westmead Hospital WSLHD
Donna Ellis ​Finalist ​Broken Hill Hospital FWLHD

Excellence in Nursing/Midwifery – Clinical Leadership

Name ​​​Status ​​Facility​​ LHD/Specialty Network
Jane Barr ​Winner ​Sydney Hospital & Sydney Eye Hospital SESLHD
Vanathy David ​​Finalist ​Wollongong Hospital ISLHD
Keith Donnelly ​​Finalist ​Eastern Suburbs Mental Health Services SESLHD
Caroline Cook ​​Finalist ​Pambula Hospital SNSWLHD

Excellence in Nursing or Midwifery Management

Name ​​​​Status ​​​Facility​​ LHD/Specialty Network
​Brian Lane ​​Winner ​Camden & Campbelltown Hospital SWSLHD
Michelle De Vroome ​​​Finalist ​NSLHD Directorate NSLHD
​Matthew Johnson ​​​Finalist ​The Forensic Hospital JH&FMHN
Sally Milson-Hawke ​​​Finalist ​HNELHD Directorate HNELHD
Colleen Hamilton ​​​Finalist ​The Children's Hospital Westmead SCHN

Excellence in Innovation - Education

Name ​​​​​Status ​​​​Facility​​ LHD/Specialty Network
Rowena Mitchell
​​​Winner ​South East Regional Hospital SNSWLHD
Lorain Squire
Rachel Brooks ​Finalist ​Royal Pince Alfred Hospital SLHD

Excellence in Innovation - Research

Name ​​​​​​Status ​​​​​Facility​​ LHD/Specialty Network
Michelle Barakat-Johnson ​​​​Winner ​SLHD SLHD
​Lisa Nealon ​​Finalist ​Prince of Wales Hospital ​SESLHD
Anne Purcell ​​Finalist ​CCLHD CCLHD

Excellence in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Healthcare

Name ​Status ​​​​​​Facility​​ LHD/Specialty Network
Elise McCarthy-McPhan ​​​​​Winner ​Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick SCHN
Jasmine Wannell ​​​Finalist ​Integrated Care & Community Health WSLHD
​Frank Oates ​​​Finalist ​Broken Hill Hospital FWLHD
Karen Kelly ​​​Finalist ​The Royal Hospital for Women SESLHD

Judith Meppem Lifetime Achievement Award

Name ​​Status ​​​​​​​Facility​​ LHD/Specialty Network
Marion Hawker ​​​​​​Winner ​Greater Newcastle Sector Community & Aged Care Services HNELHD
Frank Ross ​​​​Finalist ​The Children's Hospital Westmead SCHN
Susanne Wooderson ​​​​Finalist ​John Hunter Childrens Hospital HNELHD

Consumer Appreciation Award

Name ​​​Status ​​​​​​​Facility​​​ LHD/Specialty Network
Matt Tinker ​​​​​​​Winner ​Royal North Shore Hospital NSLHD
Rebecca Polansky ​​​​​Finalist ​Integrated Care Directorate WNSWLHD
Paul Sandilands ​​​​​Finalist ​Manning Base Referral Hospital HNELHD
Marisa Bolton ​​​​​Finalist ​Dubbo Health Service WNSWLHD
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