Jacqui Cross:  I'm here at the Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards and I feel so proud of all of our nurses and our midwives and the fact that they're being recognised in such a public way. 

Jane Barr: I just love being a nurse and I'm lucky to have a wonderful team who has real passion for patient centered care.

Joshua Paroz: It gives me a way to engage with people that I think you rarely get to do in a lot of other professions, so I'm very appreciative of that. 

The Hon. Brad Hazzard: Nurses and midwives across this state, no matter where I go are the people that the community most often talks about in positive terms. 

Elizabeth Koff: And it's more than a profession, it is a vocation. You have a valuable asset, the service to others, which cannot be underestimated. 

Susan Guinane: Being a midwife is providing care for families whether it is the happiest day of their life or the saddest day of their life and helping them through a process that is utterly transformational for them as families and as people. 

Elise McCarthy- McPhan: Being a nurse is the most incredible privilege that anyone could ask. It creates more opportunities that I'm able to give back to my Aboriginal community and my family. 

Brian Lane: I feel quite proud. I love the people that I work with. If I was going to do my career again, I'd start it the same way. 

Michelle Barakat-Johnson: We were able to work within a team, and put in interventions that are evidence-based but also bring younger nurses along and be a role model for them. 

Rowena Mitchell: In 2020, I hope simulation becomes more at the coalface, it becomes more of a norm within teaching, and I also hope that person centredness gets better for that patient journey. 

Sally Smith: It fills me with a lot more confidence moving forward in my career that I'd really like to see where this gets to take me now on my journey as a nurse. 

Elizabeth Grist: I feel so inspired by the new nurses and midwives coming through and the older ones that have done such an amazing job.

Jacqui Cross: ​2020 is going to be international year of the nurse and the midwife and I think it is a wonderful opportunity for the nurses of New South Wales to talk proudly about the contributions that they make, and we need to be right at the front and right at the centre talking very proudly about what it is to be a nurse and what it is to be a midwife. [Music] ​​

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