​Nursing and Midwifery Research Sub-Committee

The NSW Health Nursing and Midwifery Research Sub-Committee has been formed with the purpose of developing strategic direction for nursing and midwifery research across NSW Health through leadership and support. 

Each NSW local health district/specialty network has a representative on this sub-committee, with strong linkages to the tertiary education sector. 

Terms of reference


Develop strategic direction for nursing and midwifery research across NSW Health through leadership and support.


The objectives of this sub-committee are to:
  • Develop research and innovation partnerships and identify synergies across NSW.
  • Support a positive research culture across NSW local health districts/networks.
  • Influence and align the strategic direction of nursing and midwifery research to State and local health district/network priorities.
  • Build nursing and midwifery researcher capability and capacity across local health districts/networks.
  • Communicate research objectives and outcomes to promote and profile the research of nurses and midwives that improves patient and health outcomes and clinical excellence across NSW Health.
  • Strengthen researcher capability in regional and rural areas through the development of support networks across local health districts/networks.


Membership includes a spread of leaders from the health and education sectors who represent the professions of nursing and midwifery and the research in these areas.
The membership of the sub-committee shall include one representative from each NSW local health district/network, as supported by the district Director of Nursing/Midwifery. The representative should be in a research appointed position or involved in research and/or practice development.
Members are expected to attend a minimum of 75% of annual meetings in a face-to-face capacity.
Additional contributors will be invited by invitation if and as required by the membership.


Two co-chairs will be appointed annually from the membership.

Executive sponsor

Chief Nursing & Midwifery Officer, NSW Health


The work of this sub-committee will be supported by a Secretariat provided by the NSW Health Nursing & Midwifery Office. The Secretariat will be responsible for:
  • Developing, in consultation with the Chair, agendas for meetings and other business involving the sub-committee;
  • Distributing agendas and associated materials;
  • Ensuring all members are kept informed of issues and information relevant to the work of the sub-committee;
  • Arranging venues and catering for meetings;
  • Minute taking and distribution. 

Operation and frequency of meetings

The co-chairs will preside at all meetings at which they are present.
The sub-committee will sit quarterly at the NSW Ministry of Health, North Sydney. The sub-committee may call special meetings or working groups as required and may entail out-of-session work.

Method of reporting

The sub-committee will report biannually to the NSW Health Nursing and Midwifery Office and the local health district/network Directors of Nursing/Midwifery committee, and meeting minutes will be provided to these groups. Correspondence containing action items for sub-committee members will additionally be circulated to the local health district/network Directors of Nursing/Midwifery committee.

Method of evaluation

The operation of the sub-committee and its Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually. This will include a review of how the objectives of the sub-committee are being met.
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