Transcript of 2019 NSW Health Nursing and Midwifery Showcase.

Attendee:The value for me, in coming to days like this, is the opportunity to really celebrate and showcase the wonderful work that's being done by our nurses and midwives.

Jacqui Cross: I’d like to congratulate all of the presenters and the contributors to this year's showcase. The initiatives that you have developed and the research that you’ve undertaken have a powerful impact. You are ambassadors for health care improvement and I encourage you all to keep telling your stories.

Attendee: I just find it just amazing to hear about everything that's happening.

Attendee: Day’s like this to me, they’re wonderful.

Attendee: It's just an amazing event and I really love it, that's why I come.

Attendee: So I really love coming to these showcases because it's a great learning opportunity and a great opportunity to find other people to do some research collaboration with.

Attendee: It’s absolutely fantastic to watch our clinicians showcase the fantastic work they do day-in day-out.

Attendee: It’s about having an opportunity to recognise nurses and midwives.

Attendee: It's amazing to see that we are all like minds.

Attendee: The value of today is also to network.

Attendee: It's been fantastic to see what nurses and midwives get up to in their everyday world.

Elizabeth Koff: I would encourage you all to collaborate and converse, to really make this a worthwhile day, and really catalyse the change that we need for the health system and thank you for your wonderful work, in the NSW Health system.

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