Improving palliative care is a priority for the NSW Government with $100 million to be invested between 2017 and 2021.

Last year NSW Health held roundtable meetings and consultations to hear directly from communities, clinicians and service providers. The priorities raised at these meetings were set out in the NSW Health Palliative Care Roundtables Consultation Paper. 

The consultation paper and a survey were made available for the broader community to share their feedback and provide input into palliative care planning.

Palliative Care Survey Summary ReportPalliative care survey summary report

Thank you to the 2000 people who completed the survey and contributed their views about the priorities for improving palliative care. NSW Health received responses from a wide range of people who work in palliative care services or have experienced them directly or indirectly. This included over 350 family members, carers or health consumers, and over 700 health care professionals.

Feedback gathered through the survey and also the Palliative Care Roundtable meetings will inform a new End of Life and Palliative Care Framework in NSW to be released in 2018.

Survey responses revealed overwhelming community agreement with the priorities that were identified through the roundtables and workshops. A range of new issues and ideas for improving palliative care services were also highlighted by the wider community.

All groups indicated high levels of support for the themes with no group scoring a theme lower than 4.43 out of 5: Providing flexible access to care through a range of strategies (4.82). Care is centred on the patient (4.91). Integrated and coordinated care, with a focus on good communication (4.89). Early engagement and care planning (4.83). Adaptable systems of care (4.79). A skilled and supported workforce (4.92). Support families and carers (4.89). Providing suitable spaces for care (4.82). Increase community awareness of palliative care (4.79). The survey’s main findings are available in the Palliative Care Survey Summary Report.​​​

Page Updated: Sunday 20 May 2018