Problematic or harmful sexual behaviour in children aged under ten years old is any behaviour that is outside of normative and developmentally appropriate sexual behaviour. Age appropriate and normal behaviour should be distinguished from problematic, harmful or developmentally inappropriate behaviour. Both over-reaction and under-reaction to developmentally inappropriate behaviour can negatively affect the child’s social or emotional development.

NSW Health provides a range of services to support children aged under ten with problematic sexual behaviours, and their families. These services include:

NSW Health services work with the child and their family and caregivers, within the broader context of their school, peer group and community, to plan for the safety of the child under 10 years old with problematic or harmful sexual behaviour as well as any siblings or other children who may be at risk as a result of contact with the child. NSW Health services collaborate with other government and non-government agencies and professionals that may be involved with the family to minimise the negative impacts arising from the child’s behaviour.

To access NSW Health services for children with problematic or harmful sexual behaviours aged under ten years old, contact your local health district.​​​​

Page Updated: Thursday 10 January 2019