The Combined Delegations Manual contains administrative, financial and staff delegations of powers and functions that have been delegated by the Minister for Health, the Secretary and the Health Administration Corporation for the Ministry of Health.

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Latest amendments​

Where a number appears at the bottom of an amended page [e.g. 13(29/03/12) - amendment number, date instrument was signed], an alteration has been made or a new delegation included.

 Amendment 86(16/12/19)
Chapter 13 - Miscellaneous - Delegation A246 Operating bank accounts is amended to delegate the Secretary's function under the Government Sector Finance Act 2018.

 Amendment 85(15/08/19)
Chapter 10 - Information - Delegation A338 Disclosure of aggregate and/or de-identified information is amended to include a delegation to the Chief Executive Bureau of Health Information.


Page Updated: Thursday 19 December 2019