Only health professionals and staff in hospitals, aged care facilities, private hospitals, nursing homes and general practitioner's (GP) surgeries can make bookings.

Patients and carers cannot make PTS bookings. 

There are three ways to make a booking with PTS:

  1. via the Patient Flow Portal (internal to NSW Health)
  2. online through PTS Web​ (public ED departments and private facilities) 
  3. by phone (1300 233 500)

For assistance with online bookings, including registration for PTS Web go to Booking PTS through the Patient Flow Portal and PTS Web.

To ensure the most efficient and effective use of PTS's services, bookings should be made as early as possible.

Important information to provide when making a PTS booking

When making a PTS booking, you will need to give information about the patient and their medical conditions.

Please ensure you have the following information before making a booking:

  • patient’s full name
  • details of patient's private health insurance, pension or Department of Veterans' Affairs reference number
  • pick up address – time pick up required
  • destination address – time drop off required
  • type of booking – whether an appointment or a transfer
  • name of person making booking
  • contact details for person making booking
  • name of medical professional authorising transfer
  • medical conditions requiring monitoring
  • any special requests.

Information to provide to patients

It is important that patients who have been booked for PTS understand that the service that is being provided, and any potential fees and charges that may be incurred. 

See Information for patients for information to provide patients, including factsheet on fees and charges for PTS.

Page Updated: Wednesday 15 August 2018
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