The Centre for Epidemiology and Evidence (CEE) conducts evaluation and data analytics capability building activities including the development and dissemination of research and evaluation guides, and online presentations for all NSW Health staff. CEE also provides face-to-face training for NSW Ministry of Health and pillar agency staff.

Online presentations

These videos are brief introductions to some of the concepts covered in face-to-face workshops. If you work at the NSW Ministry of Health or pillar agencies and would like to find out more about upcoming workshops, please contact Modules on Health Program Evaluation are available for all NSW Health staff through My Health Learning.


Introduction to Critical Appraisal of Evidence for Policy

Mary Haines and Carmen Huckel Schneider

Transcript: Introduction to Critical Appraisal of Evidence for Policy

Exploring Program Logic

This animation provides an introduction to program logic. It explains what program logic is, defines the components of a program logic model and what they represent, provides a brief overview of how to develop a program logic model, and explains how program logic can be used when developing and evaluating health programs

Transcript: Exploring Program Logic

Introduction to Public Health Program Evaluation

Professor Adrian Bauman.

Transcript: Introduction to Public Health Program Evaluation

Introduction to Economic Evaluation

Professor Stephen Jan.

Transcript: Introduction to Economic Evaluation

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