The traineeships are available to suitably qualified Aboriginal people.


The minimum requirement is a tertiary qualification acceptable to a university for the purpose of enrolling in a Master of Public Health.

Workplace training

Trainees are recruited and orientated by the NSW health service. Traineeships provide three years of full-time population health work in the population health network in which they are employed.

Trainees participate in a series of work placements over three years. In each placement, a workplace supervisor supports the trainee by developing a range of projects and activities that allows both competency attainment by the trainee and the needs of the workplace to be met.

University study

Trainees enrol in the Master of Public Health at the commencement of their training and are able to attend the academic institution one day per week (part-time study). Trainees are required to complete and pass all units of study and maintain academic records to remain attached to the training program.

Trainee agreement

At entry trainees sign an agreement that clearly describes their roles and responsibilities and those of NSW Health to support the successful completion of their training.​

Page Updated: Wednesday 19 July 2017