Over the three years, trainees complete a number of full-time supervised work placements. The development of these placements is guided and monitored according to a competency framework developed specifically for the APHTI. An experienced supervisor guides each work placement.

The competency framework assists trainees and their supervisors to understand the expectations of the training initiative and identify suitable projects and responsibilities that allow competency to be achieved. The competency areas covered are:

  • professional practice
  • population health management
  • communication
  • evidence-informed practice
  • epidemiology and data management
  • communicable diseases and risk management
  • health promotion
  • health evaluation.

Most placements last 6 to 12 months and it is anticipated that trainees will complete at least three placements within three years.

In addition to their university study, trainees will attend other training days to promote the development of their understanding and skills and allow them to network with a range of personnel in the NSW health system.

The full competency curriculum for the NSW Aboriginal Population Health Training Initiative is described in:

Competency Framework: NSW Aboriginal Population Health Training Initiative.

Page Updated: Wednesday 19 July 2017