The Emergency Access View (EAV) is a real time dashboard displaying the live position against a number of patient demand and patient flow measures, as well as performance for all facilities across NSW Health.

Currently available in the tool are a number of metrics to understand patient flow and current flow challenges. The dashboard includes real-time positions on some items as well as the position since midnight/over the last 24 hours on some others. Examples include: Emergency Treatment Performance, the number of patients waiting in ED and their current ED length of stay, and the number of discharges from the Hospital via inpatient wards and the transit lounge.

The tool forms part of a broader vision to provide the NSW Health system with useful and real-time information to assist in improving patient flow and the performance of hospitals across the State. The EAV will develop over the next two years with updated releases of the tool periodically providing additional functionality and enhancements.

How can it help in our hospitals?

The tool has been created to enable hospitals, local health districts (LHDs) and specialty health networks (SHNs) to view access, activity and patient flow in real time. The tool allows for visibility of demand and allows managers to anticipate tipping points and enact early interventions to maintain optimal patient flow.

Patient Flow Systems

Like the Patient Flow Portal, the EAV is intended to support the implementation of Patient Flow Systems (PFS). PFS has established seven essential elements to achieving effective patient flow in a hospital.

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