​Winter, as well as other times of high demand, place enormous pressure on the health system with increased numbers of people requiring hospital care. A coordinated approach is needed to managing this pressure with all health stakeholders working together to ensure that patients continue to have access to high quality, timely care.

In response to feedback from NSW clinicians and managers during 2015 winter planning discussions, the Whole of Health Program (WOHP) team hosted a Demand Escalation Forum on the 4th February. The aim of the forum was to discuss a consistent, coordinated approach among local health districts (LHDs) and partners (such as NSW Ambulance) to managing times of peak demand and to support staff in developing a centrally developed, locally appropriate demand escalation plan.

Tipping points and triggers - the South Western Sydney LHD experience

Presentation by Kim Clarke, WOHP Lead, South Western Sydney LHD

Facility demand escalation flow indicators

Presentation by Damian Miners, Senior Systems Support Specialist, Patient Flow Portal - Ministry of Health

How do I know what the tipping points are for my hospital?

Presentation by Louise Kershaw, WOHP Panel Expert

Escalation tipping points data sheet

Operationalisation of escalation tool - actions & responses

Presentation by Jo Campbell, WOHP Lead, Port Macquarie Base Hospital

Demand escalation - act early to preserve capacity

Presentation by Melinda Pascoe, Senior Systems Support Specialist, Patient Flow Portal and Principal Policy Advisor - Surgery, MOH

Whole of health planning for the LHD

Presentation by Jenny Carter, WOHP Lead, Hunter New England

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