On 9th May the Whole of Health Program (WOHP) held its 12th Masterclass with the theme of ‘Building a high performing team’ Trust, Resilience, and Courage to make a difference, at the Ariel Function Centre, UTS. We had an overwhelming response with 270 attendees to the Master class and 60 invited attendees to the Professor Brian Dolan ‘Today Program’ workshop the following day.


  • Sonja Cox, Western Australia’s Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2013 talked to us about building resilience and courage in the face of adversity and still making a difference.
  • Our interstate colleagues from The Alfred, Victoria shared their significant improvements of their ‘Hospital at Night’.
  • Professor Brian Dolan and the UKs Nationwide ’70 day 1 million patient challenge’ to get patients up, out of bed and moving and the UK’s Nationwide ‘70 day-1 million patient #EndPJparalysis challenge’.
  • We had a look into the future with Laura Dinneen and heard about new Innovations, Insights, and Capability to make a positive impact on patients and healthcare.
  • We Learnt to address some of the challenges facing health managers and leaders in enhancing health service delivery related to, aged care, mental health, and quality and safety.
  • Best practice and successful projects and programs were highlighted and showcased from across NSW.
  • We gained practical tips from Belinda Boston from St George Hospital on how to manage patient flow and infection control challenges during outbreaks.
  • We heard from the Agency for Clinical Innovation on new ways to monitor Patient Reported Outcome Measures.

For further information contact the Ministry Whole of Health Program team at wohp@doh.health.nsw.gov.au​.​​​​​

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