Supported project management

WOHP Mental Health Project works closely with facilities, districts and networks to support local capacity building initiatives. Support is provided through onsite project support in diagnostics, solution design, implementation and evaluation and through helping districts share their achievements across a wider audience.

Shared learning

A key strategy for WOHP Mental Health Project is to showcase excellence and share learning across its network through the Improving Access to Care Webinars and through the WOHP Master classes.
Master classes and webinars regularly feature Mental Health patient flow solutions and other relevant and adaptable models. 
WOHP has also collaborated with other key stakeholders including the Ministry of Health's Mental Health branch, the Agency for Clinical Innovation and InforMH to facilitate targeted, subject specific workshops to assist clinicians and managers to develop solutions around common themes such as acute responses for children and adolescents and the management of Acute Severe Behavioural Disturbance in the emergency department.
Get involved:  If your LHD is seeking to improve mental health patient flow and access to care or to share a success story in improving access to care for mental health consumers (even if it is just a small win) please email  WOHP Mental Health Project.

Data analysis

A strong focus on data analysis enables the WOHP Mental Health Project to identify system strengths and priorities. Mental health specific data tools are now available to assist with analysis. These tools can assist facilities in analysing local activity and identifying gaps and barriers to patient flow, informing local solution design. 
  • Health System Performance (HSP) app allows sites to benchmark against peers and encourages openness and collaboration. 
  • Mental health patient flow diagnostic tools allow sites wishing to gain further knowledge of their specific Mental Health Patient Flow patterns to inform quality improvement and monitor effective implementation strategies   
  • Patient Flow Portal assists mental health services to obtain data on bed days, discharge and transfer delays, monitor the patient journey and identify common reasons for bed block. WOHP Mental Health Project has been working closely with the Patient Flow Portal Team and Local Health Districts to link mental health services into the Patient Flow Portal. Thus far the Patient Flow Portal has been implemented in mental health services across the state through the use of Bed Board. It allows sites to see admitted patients across a facility or Local Health District  through recording of inter hospital transfers to manage capacity and demand on a state-wide level and through the use of Electronic Patient Journey Boards in each mental health unit for care co-ordination rounds and handover processes.
For assistance in the use of these tools please contact WOHP Mental Health Project.
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