What are the changes you need to make?

It is important to identify, based on quantitative and qualitative analysis, what the key solutions are to address the issues identified in the diagnostics. Literature and internet searches are useful but always consider the specific context at your hospital.

When working with your team to select, prioritise and tailor solutions always consider:

  • will the solution fix your specific problem?
  • will the solution have flow on effects that will need to be managed?
  • how difficult will the solution be to implement?
  • are resources required?
In order to best focus effort and resources, 3-5 key solutions should be prioritised for implementation. Tools such as a Boston Matrix can be used to help prioritise solutions. Once the solutions are implemented, it is vital to evaluate success and adjust actions accordingly.

Tools and resources

Patient flow systems framework
NSW Health outlines the 7 key elements that enable a system wide approach to identify and resolve delays within the current system to create capacity.
Emergency Care Institute ETP resources
The Emergency Care Institute have collated many useful publications and presentations from Australia, as well as internationally, about how to tackle the Emergency Treatment Performance (ETP) and what has worked elsewhere.
Agency for Clinical Innovation, models of care
The Agency for Clinical Innovation places a high priority on developing flexible, evidence-based patient-focused models of care. The models of care are supported by easy to use guides and workshops.
Agency for Clinical Innovation, innovation exchange
The Innovation Exchange provides a collaborative place online to share and promote local innovation and improvement projects and resources.
Health Improvement and Innovation Resource Centre
The Ministry of Health established HIIRC in 2010 to improve the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders by sharing examples of innovation and quality improvement, and by making New Zealand research more available to people working in health.
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