Definition of an Aboriginal Health Worker

The Definition of an Aboriginal Health Worker (2018_018) was updated after significant consultation, in line with recent national and state activity regarding training, qualifications and professional activities.

The Aboriginal Health Worker Project

The NSW Health Aboriginal Health Worker Guidelines and the Decision Making Framework for Aboriginal Health Practitioners are aimed at strengthening the roles and supporting the career development of Aboriginal health workers in NSW Health.

These resources support the ongoing professional development and career pathway development of Aboriginal health workers in line with the Good Health – Great Jobs: Aboriginal Workforce Strategic Framework 2016-2020.

Overview Report: 2016/17 Aboriginal Health Worker Guidelines Workshops

The Aboriginal Health Worker Guidelines workshops across NSW Health local health districts and specialty hospital networks have been finalised. An overview report of the workshops has been developed by Francis Health in consultation with the Aboriginal Workforce Unit, NSW Ministry of Health.

Review: Aboriginal Health Worker Guidelines for NSW Health

The Guidelines are now under review by the Aboriginal Workforce Unit and will be sent out for discussion as soon as they are completed. An advisory group has been implemented for the review with Aboriginal staff from across NSW Health organisations.

Aboriginal Health Workforce Survey Report 2012

The purpose of the survey report was to gather information regarding Aboriginal employment across NSW Health. This information was used to identify Aboriginal workforce issues and develop initiatives to support Aboriginal people working in NSW Health.

The aim of the 2012 survey was to:

  • identify the current number of Aboriginal employees in NSW Health and their roles
  • identify Aboriginal workforce skill and career development needs and make recommendations
  • use the information to contribute to the development of strategies to meet government Aboriginal employment benchmarks.
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