JMO Wellbeing and Support Forum

The issue of doctors’ mental health has been an ongoing concern within the medical profession and community. In order to provide the opportunity for junior doctors to raise their concerns on the issues they felt are impacting their health and wellbeing in the current medical training environment, NSW Health organised the JMO Wellbeing and Support Forum.

The forum was held on the 6 June 2017 with over 150 attendees. Please see the
JMO Wellbeing and Support Forum summary for more information. 

JMO Wellbeing and Support Plan

The feedback provided by participants at the forum, along with the outputs of a literature review and other consultation activities, has been used to develop the
  JMO Wellbeing and Support Plan. The Plan is focused on 10 practical initiatives that can be implemented over the next 12-18 months. The Ministry will also continue to liaise with other bodies involved in JMO health and wellbeing to meet the objectives of this Plan, including medical colleges, universities and health advisory services. The Plan will contribute towards continued efforts to improve the medical culture over the longer term.

A new app by doctors in training, for doctors in training 

NSW Health is supporting the trial of a new app by the Black Dog institute called Shift. Developed with doctors in training and using the latest evidence, Shift is quick, confidential and is accessible 24/7. It is designed to build skills in mental health and wellbeing to help you navigate some of the unique challenges that junior doctors face- including the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. We encourage you to be one of the first to try this new app, which is part of the JMO Wellbeing and Support Plan, and help create supports that work for future doctors in training. Join the trial now


Page Updated: Wednesday 10 June 2020